Selina Kyle (k1tten_k1sses) wrote in the_garden_dc,
Selina Kyle

Last night and this coming Monday

     Last night was great - thanks so much to everyone who came out in the cold and snow to wish Ekestra a Happy Birthday, to hear him and our superb regular guest DJ Solaries spin (they did an amazing job!), to see the lovely Brit torment the angel Mike, and just generally to dance, play and enjoy themselves :) - you are all incredible!

     This coming Monday, Jan. 31, will be a 21 and up only night. Our resident DJ Ekestra will be joined by our regular guest DJ InQbus. Jose and Lyra will be doing the main scene. Please keep in mind that not everything you see our formal demo people doing is ok to just do yourself there. Wax and any use of blades require that Scott or I know you, and have approved the specifics, in advance.


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