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The Garden 01-31-05

well, i didn't keep the list that shows what i played, but except for the first two songs, i recorded the night. It came out Killer [the sets did]. I'm listening to it as I'm recording into the computer, and realize that the sets came out really well. talked to festor and scarydavedc [amazing that i remembered their user names :)]

starting sometime around 10:15

01- [can't remember - not recorded]
02- [can't remember - not recorded]
03- Benny Benasi - Satisfaction [Skazi Remix]
04- Icon of Coil - Love as Blood
05- Red This Ever - Never Find My Way
06- Lights of Euphoria - True Life [VNV Nation remix]
07- Uranium 235 - You Spin Me Round [Lover]
08- In Strict Confidence - Blue Light
09- Wumpscut - Just a Tenderness [elektrosniper 'clean' mix]
10- Beborn Beton - Dr. Channard [Funker Vogt remix]
11- Toy - Do Dreams Bleed? [Fictional remix]
12- Parallel Project - Explicit [Accessory remix]

I guess we'll have to wait for scott to post the list to know what i played durring my 2nd hour 1/2 set, damn i can't remember

anyways i had a great time, and am reallly happy with the way the mixes came out.

BTW, I'll be guesting Kommencement next sunday, booyah!

I'm also re-uploading my wumpscut remix tonight, since the original upload's bass was way too high.

ahyhoo, to those reading this,
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thanks so much for coming out last night :) looking forward to your return on the 28th!