Selina Kyle (k1tten_k1sses) wrote in the_garden_dc,
Selina Kyle

     (reposted with apologies to all who posted on the first one)
Thanks to everyone who came out Monday, and most especially to Faith and Maia for making the wax painting scene so wonderful! Next Monday features guest DJ Fractured joining our resident DJ Ekestra, Maia, Adam and I are doing a scene on roleplay, light bondage and energy play, and Slyx returning with his exotic clothing and delightfully fun vacbed!

     We are planning out our March events. Please read this carefully before posting replies. If you have a skill you feel you can do a learner's demo on early in the evening, please let us know. Also, if there are specific types of scenes you want to see, can do yourself competently and safely, and are willing to bring your own supplies for, let me know. I can help with EQ creation, and our angelic Mike may even be able to help decorate, but essentially you should be capable of pulling it off yourself. Please keep all replies on topic and drama-free! Thanks

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